Intelliweld FBW Control System
Purpose-Built for All Environments
Full-Service FBW Management

Holland Rail Services Australia

Specialised Flash-Butt Welding Teams

Best-In Class FBW Operational
Management and Support

· Specialised FBW teams in Australia – built, supported and managed by Holland
· Australian workforce fully trained in FBW operations by Holland FBW experts
· Holland best-in-class FBW training, research and testing in support of operations

Intelliweld®️ FBW Control System

·New to market
·Low consumption weld capability
·Real-Time Weld Monitoring, control and diagnostics
·Real-time automated data collection, weld parameter certification, charting and archiving

Holland Intelliweld® MobileWelders®
purpose-built for all environments

· Built by Holland and Aries Rail, supported by Holland, managed by Holland
·Mobile, portable and semi-fixed environments
· Holland H650 Welderhead with standalone Rail Puller for maximum FBW application capability and flexibility

Flash-Butt Welding
Over 1/4 million welds
made every year

MobileWelders®️ purpose-built for all environments

MobileWelders®️ purpose-built for all environments

MobileWelders®️ purpose-built for all environments

>98% uptime
>99% weld quality
Leave your rail welding to the experts
Laser Welding
Our newest innovation

Special trackwork such as frogs and crossing diamonds have long been a challenge to maintain and repair in the field.
Not anymore.

Safety. Quality. Speed.
Learn how we can help with special trackwork
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We’re excited to announce that the first Holland in-track, Intelliweld® flash-butt welder has arrived at our Australian HQ in Perth!

Holland's First Weld in Australia

Holland LP continues to break ground in Australia by completing their very first flash-butt weld.

Laser welding robot on working on rail
Holland Equipment Lands in Australia

Employees Kevin Piefer and Brian Boutwell have been working hard to establish grounds overseas, and now Holland's equipment has just touched down as well.

Laser welding robot on working on rail
Holland Intelliweld Arrives in Australia

Holland LP has delivered, for the first time, its state-of-the-art Intelliweld Flash-Butt Welding Control System and supporting equipment to the Australian market.

Want To Know More?

We’re accepting new projects and would love to hear about yours. Got a question? Drop us an email.

Kevin Piefer
Managing Director - Global Rail Services

61 438 300 096

Holland Rail Services Australia

2207/11 Barrack Square
Perth, WA 6000

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