Fixed Welding Plant Case Study

Tasked with designing and building a fixed plant continuous rail weld line from scratch; one of Holland’s industry partners found themselves in the market for many specialized pieces of equipment.

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Holland's HAMR™ Service Wins REMSA Innovation Award

Holland is proud to have received the 2022 Innovation Award from REMSA (Railway Engineering-Maintenance Suppliers Association) for our HAMR™ service!

The Innovation Award honors organizational achievement by a REMSA member company which creates an innovative solution, product, or piece of equipment that better serves previous methods of completing a similar task within the railroad maintenance-of-way industry.

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RSI 2022

Holland is headed to Fort Worth, TX this month!

We are excited to showcase our products at the RSI Expo & Technical Conference October 11th through 13th!

RSI is the only all-inclusive trade association for railway suppliers. But what does that mean to us? Representing more than 200 companies, RSI acts on behalf of the smallest to largest suppliers to North American freight and passenger railroads and their 150,000 employees.

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Innotrans 2022

After a few years of delays due to COVID-19, we were so excited to participate in this year's Innotrans show in Berlin, Germany! With thousands of exhibitors from over fifty countries, this is truly the largest railway trade fair in the world.

This year alone, around 140,000 visitors attended Innotrans! Holland was proud to showcase several products and services that keep railways around the globe moving safely and efficiently. At the heart of Holland, our flash-butt welding machines and equipment provide high quality flash-butt welds in a number of configurations.

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Intelliweld® Origins

When it comes to flash-butt rail welding, Holland is a name of force throughout the railroad industry. With over 250,000 welds performed annually and fifty years of mobile flash-butt welding experience, we’re proud to have years of knowledge and experience to drive our technology forward. What truly stands us apart from the competition is our Intelliweld® Control System.

In our history of mobile welding, we’ve used at least five different welding control systems and around 2014, the third-party control system we were utilizing discontinued their system. This put us in an interesting position for us to start developing our industry leading Intelliweld® Control System.

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Meet Our Summer 2022 Intern Matthew Blackmer

It's Intern season here at Holland! We're welcoming some fresh faces around our Crete and University Park facilities. Meet Matthew Blackmer who is spending the summer working with our Welding Technology team. We interviewed Matthew to tell us a little more about his day to day activities and what brought him to Holland. 

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My home is about 2 hours northwest of University Park, near Rockford, IL. However, this summer I am temporarily staying with a friend in Kankakee, IL. In the Fall I will be returning to Olivet Nazarene University to complete my fourth and final year of undergraduate studies. I will plan to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering with a Mechanical concentration, and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics degrees.

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Meet Our Summer 2022 Intern Zach Rozendal

It's Intern season here at Holland! We're welcoming some fresh faces around our Crete and University Park facilities. Meet Zach Rozendal who is spending the summer working with our Holland Equipment Business Unit. We interviewed Zach to tell us a little more about his day to day activities and what brought him to Holland. 

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am Zach Rozendal an HEBU engineering intern working with Mike Weaver, this summer in the UP campus. Next school year, I am a going to be a Junior at Calvin University studying Mechanical Engineering. I am a captain on the Men’s Rugby team at Calvin University as well as a Resident Assistant in the Dorms next year. I enjoy spending my free time outdoors and with my friends.

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5 Common Business Cases for LiDAR in Rail Webinar

Join our partner Cordel, for a free webinar showcasing five common business cases for LiDAR in Rail on August 16, 2022 at 11am EST. Led by railroad LiDAR and GIS expert Erik Henderson, this session will explore five everyday railroad use cases and demonstrate how to extract valuable information for each from a LiDAR point cloud.

  • Design and construction
  • Clearances (structural and vegetation)
  • Ballast assessment for capital planning
  • Road crossing assessment - safety and legal
  • Virtual site visits

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Meet Our Summer 2022 Intern Colton Dejong

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I live in Crown Point, Indiana which about 11 miles southeast of the Crete office. I live there with my parents, 4 younger brothers, and 2 younger sisters. I enjoy hunting, fishing, baseball, and anything outdoors. I also enjoy working out and attending concerts.

This summer I am working as a sales intern. Most of my work is striving to learn as much as I can about Holland’s products and services, the industry, and the ins and outs of business-to-business sales through time with most of the salespeople at Holland. In the time I am not here, I landscape at my other job where I run crews to bring revenue to that business and make customers satisfied with their home’s outer appearance. This upcoming schoolyear, I will graduate from Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN with a major in marketing and a minor in accounting.

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Meet Our Summer 2022 Intern Stephanie Archbald

It's Intern season here at Holland! We're welcoming some fresh faces around our Crete and University Park facilities. Meet Stephanie Archbald who is spending the summer working with our Human Resources department. We interviewed Stephanie to tell us a little more about her day to day activities and what brought her to Holland. 

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am a rising senior studying Human Resource Management at Indiana University. I am very extroverted and love spending time with my family and friends, especially my nieces who are 1 and a half and 3. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, playing violin/piano, going for runs on the beach, trying new foods, and traveling. I also work at Dog Days Ice Cream Parlor in the small town of Chesterton, Indiana, where we have 2 trains running at the top of the shop.

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Meet Our Summer 2022 Intern Christopher Collins

It's Intern season here at Holland! We're welcoming some fresh faces around our Crete and University Park facilities. Meet Christopher Collins who is spending the summer working with our Holland Equipment Business Unit. We interviewed Christopher to tell us a little more about his day to day activities and what brought him to Holland. 

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am entering my Senior year at North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University, where I am a Mechanical Engineering major. I like to eat and try new restaurants. I love to play and watch basketball.

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HRSA Claremont Station Project

Our Holland Rail Services Australia team has been hard at work throughout Western Australia with a number of projects. See our recent project on Claremont Station below to learn more about how HRSA was able to help with a solution.

The Situation:

The Claremont station project was part of the Public Transport Authority network on the Fremantle train line in Western Australia. This project was an important part of the Metronet package to improve passenger experience at the station, increase service frequency and allow direct access to the Forrestfield-Airport Link. New 50kg One Steel rail was required to upgrade the Up and Down main of the Fremantle train line along with the installation of two new turnback facilities.

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APTA Rail Conference 2022

June 5th – 7th Holland had the pleasure of exhibiting and presenting at the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Rail Conference in San Diego, California.

During our exhibition time, we chatted with current and hopefully future customers on the services and value Holland brings to transit rail lines across North America. From our one-of-a-kind transit testing vehicle to our customized flash-butt rail welding solutions, we have several ways to keep transit and passenger lines moving safely and efficiently.

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Holland Presents UGMS at International Crosstie and Fastening Systems Symposium

On May 24th, Holland's Director of Product Development, Sabri Cakdi, presented Locomotive Truck Mounted Track Measurement System at the International Crosstie and Fastening Systems Symposium at RailTEC at Illinois on the campus of University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Holland's Locomotive Truck Mounted UGMS takes advantage of the locomotive’s power, tachometer, and GPS information to provide continuous testing back and forth along critical network corridor(s) and eliminating the need for track time. 

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Holland's Weld Quality Lab is One-of-a-Kind

At Holland, innovation and improvement are more than just buzzwords. Our North American HQ is home to a one-of-a-kind weld quality lab that’s dedicated to improving “the weld” at the core of what we do. Here we can perform weld evaluations andqualifications per AREMA and other customer specific specifications, assess weld quality issues from thefield and create a true root cause linkage to weld and process improvement outputs and create weld programs for various rail size, grade, chemistry and requirements. Learn more about Holland's Weld Quality in this Q& A with Nicholas G. Martino, Director of Weld Quality, Research and Testing.

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Engineer Spotlight: Matthew Morrone

Happy Engineers Week! This week we're highlighting a few of our engineers to give you a behind-the-scenes look at what it's like to be a part of Holland! Meet Matthew Morrone, one of our Product Engineers for Holland's Transportation Technology division. This division focuses on product securement for goods traveling on many types of rail cars. Although Matt started with us just 3 months ago, we're so happy to have him on board! Learn more about Matt and his journey to Holland below!  

What did you originally want to be when you grew up?

 I’ve always been interested in math and science.  I have also always been good at fixing things and working with my hands.  Mechanical engineering checked all those boxes. 

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Engineer Spotlight: James Dourdourekas

Happy Engineers Week! This week we're highlighting a few of our engineers to give you a behind-the-scenes look at what it's like to be a part of Holland! Meet James Dourdourekas, one of our Mechanical Design Engineers for Holland's Equipment Business Unit. James started with us as an intern in 2020 and became a part of our team full-time in June of 2021. Learn more about James and his journey to Holland below!  

What did you originally want to be when you grew up?

There were a lot of ideas in my young age, but most centered around science and technology. For as long as I have known what engineering meant, I knew I wanted to build my career in this field first. Originally, I wanted to design roller coasters, and while riding them is still fun for me, I am happy with the challenges I am solving.

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Holland Pueblo Demo Day

Holland is excited to announce that we will be hosting a Demo Day at our Pueblo Fixed Plant Facility. Join us on March 16, 2022, for demonstrations of our newest technology in action!

We’re excited to see everyone in person at this year’s AAR Research Review – TTCI. To celebrate, we are hosting demonstrations every half hour throughout the day at our Pueblo facility. Learn more about HAMR™ our Holland Automated Manganese Refurbishment for frog and crossing diamond repair, and our new Short Plug Flash-Butt Welding service that uses 5' plugs as well as other exciting new technology. 

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Holland celebrates 50 years of Mobile Flash-Butt Welding

Over the last 50 years, we are proud to have provided railways around the world with high-quality flash-butt welding services and equipment.

In March of 1972, Holland unveiled to the rail industry the first self-propelled railcar with a portable electric flash-butt welding machine in Railway Track & Structures Magazine. This allowed railways to perform flash-butt welding in track in a mobile setting. 

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Congratulations to Jeff Hajkowicz on his Retirement!

Congratulations to Jeff Hajkowicz on his retirement from Holland!

Jeff began his career at Holland as a Fabricator in the Shop Department in May of 1979. Many have had the pleasure of working with and for Jeff over the last 42 years. He has helped Holland evolve to what it is today and been a key member of our successful mobile operations division(MOD).

Jeff got his start manufacturing and fabricating components for equipment at our Chicago Heights, Illinois facility and assisted in overhauling and building new welder heads. From there, he was promoted to the Technical Supervisor of the Welder Head Department in 1989. In the subsequent years, Jeff helped start and work on crane rail welding efforts, trained employees, established curriculums on the operation and troubleshooting of our MobileWelders, ran our Markham, Illinois fixed plant, served as Operations Director for MOD, and today is the Senior Director over MOD Equipment.

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Unit 101 - North America's First Mobile Flash-Butt Welder

We’re starting this incredible year to come with a throwback to our original mobile welding unit. Initially debuted in Railway Track and Structures magazine in March of 1972, this unit was created from an old Pullman rail sorting car. The original use of this rail car was for sorting mail while it was moved by train from city to city. This made for faster delivery before it arrived at its next destination.

After the rail car’s legacy, it joined a new one as the first mobile welding unit in North America.

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Congratulations to Christy Kinney for reaching 15 Years at Holland!

To celebrate some of our Holland family’s tremendous milestones with the company, we asked for their story of how they’ve moved throughout the company over the years.

Below is Christy’s story. Please congratulate Christy Kinney for her 15 years with Holland! What an accomplishment!

“I started my Holland career in November 2006. I was fortunate enough to be hired by Stefan Pendrick in the HED Engineering department. My first position at Holland was Engineering Manufacturing Process Controller. My duties were creating and maintaining part numbers in IFS, maintaining structures, work orders, and engineering change management.

I want to give a shout-out to Stefan Pendrick, Bob Norby, Randy Haberman, Brandon Huynh, and Tess Jordan. I enjoyed my first role here at Holland, and I was privileged to have worked with such a strong, dedicated team.

In the summer of 2008, I moved to RMSS as a Rangecam Data Analyst under Bob Madderom and Cindy Ruggles. This is where I found my true passion. In this role, I analyze track collection data collected by the TrackSTAR units. From 2008 to the present day, I have been the sole liaison data analyst for Canadian National rail-bound test cars.

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Congratulations to Lori Mason for reaching 15 Years with Holland!

To celebrate some of our Holland family’s tremendous milestones with the company, we asked for their story of how they’ve moved throughout the company over the years.

Below is Lori’s story. Please congratulate Lori Mason for her 15 years with Holland! What an accomplishment!

“Looking back at the past 15 years at Holland brings fond memories of people, experiences, and the progress made by great teams that I have been blessed to work with. Joining Holland in 2006 as the 7th employee of the "IT Department," I was assigned to develop Holland's first mobile reporting application for the Welding Division (MOD). Because this was before smartphone technology, I created an application on a non-destructible handheld computer, which we called the "Brick." And for sentimental reasons, it is still on my desk today.

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Congratulations to Tyler Malkuch for reaching 10 years with Holland!

To celebrate some of our Holland family’s tremendous milestones with the company, we asked for their story of how they’ve moved throughout the company over the years.

Below is Tyler’s story. Please congratulate Tyler Malkuch for his 10 years with Holland! What an accomplishment!

“During these last 10 years working for Holland, I have been able to travel over large parts of the US to see the tucked away hidden sights that this great country offers. Those that for the most part only take the time to see once they have retired. I have been blessed to see these areas while performing my job.  

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Holland Partners With Cordel Inc

Holland and Cordel are proud to announce their new partnership to expand Holland’s suite of track measurement services to now include LiDAR technology.

Holland’s LiDAR powered by Cordel provides customers with a range of data applications such as track imagery, clearance validation, line of sight measurements, condition assessments and more. Using track geometry and LiDAR data applications, customers can see a digital twin of their infrastructure and make the most of their track inspections. By coupling Cordel’s LiDAR equipment with Holland’s already in-service track inspection vehicles, customers can maximize their inspection data without the need for additional track time.

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Congratulations to Kevin Cantrell on 15 Years at Holland!

To celebrate some of our Holland family’s tremendous milestones with the company, we asked for their story of how they’ve moved throughout the company over the years. To kick off this series of stories, please congratulate Kevin Cantrell for 15 years with Holland and read his story below.

“Wow 15 years! I started my Career with Holland on the M Bar D side in Locomotive Servicing. Within a few months, I moved into the Operations Manager position of the Chicagoland area. In this time, my biggest joy and privilege was my crew. The most diverse crew at Holland. Seeing all these people from vastly different backgrounds coming tougher and truly learning to become a family.

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Holland Awarded 2020 TTX SECO "Excellent Supplier"

Holland is proud to announce its naming as a TTX Company SECO (Supplier Evaluation Committee) Program "Excellent Supplier" for 2020!

There are many factors that go toward awarding companies this title. The ratings assigned to each supplier by SECO represent the consensus view expressed by representatives from the TTX Fleet Management, Equipment, and Finance Departments in five categories. These categories include quality, cost, delivery, service, and financial/administration.

With our efforts throughout 2020, Holland earned an A rating!

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Summer 2021 Interns: Kevin Vroman

Please welcome our 2021 Summer Intern, Kevin Vroman! Kevin is currently interning with our MOD Engineering Technology Department. Learn a little more about Kevin in our mini interview with him below!

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I was born in Anderson, Indiana, but have spent most of my life in the Peoria IL area, and currently live in Bourbonnais IL with my wife, Abby. I am attending Olivet Nazarene University, where I am studying Mechanical Engineering, as well as being enrolled in their Army ROTC program there.

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Summer 2021 Interns - Benjamin Kravets

Please welcome our 2021 Summer Intern, Benjamin Kravets! Benjamin is currently interning with our Information Technology department. Learn a little more about Benjamin in our mini interview with him below!

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I live in Pennsylvania about 2 hours southeast of Pittsburgh with my parents and one of my brothers (I have another brother; he teaches in Ohio).

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2021 Summer Interns - Colton DeJong

We are excited to have our 2021 Summer interns at Holland! Please give a warm welcome to Colton DeJong who is interning with our marketing and sales departments. Read our mini interview with Colton below!

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I transferred to Purdue University West Lafayette after one year of going to school at Dordt University for my first year.

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Railway Age Feature - June 2021 Issue

We're proud to have our very own Sabri Cakdi give details on our newest locomotive-based autonomous system and more in the June 2021 issue of Railway Age. In the article “Precision Measuring”, Sabri described this system by saying, "We don't make any structural changes to the locomotive - there's no welding or drilling”.

This autonomous system is just one of the ways Holland is providing their customers with accessible data of their track.

To read this article and more, click the link below to access the full June issue of Railway Age.

June 2021 Railway Age

Rail R U OK? Day 2021

It is an undisputed fact that regular, meaningful conversations can make a difference in our industry and help our colleagues. This is why harm prevention charities – the TrackSAFE Foundation and R U OK?- teamed up in 2014 to create the annual initiative, Rail R U OK? Day, to encourage conversations between rail staff. Holland participated in the annual R U OK? Day on April 29, 2021. This year’s Rail R U OK? Day focused on helping everyone in the rail industry know what to say when a workmate says they’re not OK and guide them through how they can follow that train on thought and have a conversation that could change a life.

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ARA Heavy Haul 2021

With a worldwide pandemic happening over the past year, the Railroad industry has seen a great decline in in-person events. However, Australia has done a great job of keeping COVID cases at a minimum, and Holland was able to safely participate in the Australia Railway Association’s Heavy Haul event in Perth, Western Australia.

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The Importance of Flash-Butt Welding for Crane Rail

Runway rail replacement can be an expensive project. For any organization, there are multiple conditions that must be considered such as the impact on cranes, structures, and their operations as well as effects it may have on the product quality. Luckily, Holland offers electric flash-butt welding services for crane rail repairs for rail sizes ranging from 60 to 175 pounds per yard. Holland has been performing flash-butt welds since the mid-1980s and continues to prove that it is the most durable and reliable currently available.

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First Holland In-track Intelliweld® Flash-Butt Welder Arrives In Perth Australia

We’re excited to announce that the first Holland in-track, Intelliweld® flash-butt welder has arrived at our Australian HQ in Perth! The newest and most advanced MobileWelder® in Australia, AMW 980, was built by the skilled team of engineers and machinists in our 56388m2 Lean manufacturing facility in Chicagoland and is ready for our partners at Aries Rail to complete assemble or in-track use.

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NRC Elects Holland's Maggie Vuono to its Board of Directors

Holland LP National Sales Manager Maggie Vuono will officially join the NRC Board of Directors. Vuono will officially start her three-year term on January 1, 2021. She assumes the board position vacated by Scott Norman, Vice President of Operations at Herzog, when he terms out at the end of 2020. 
Vuono will serve as one of 20 board members, and joins five other railway industry professionals who have been re-elected to board positions. "The NRC's board is made up of diverse group of railway professionals who have all excelled in the industry, " notes NRC President Ashley Wieland. "In addition to sharing their expertise, they roll up their sleeves and get things done to benefit our membership. I look forward to building a safer and stronger railway construction industry working with this talented board."

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Innovation Zone 2020

On November 4th, Holland participated in CARS Annual National Railway Day and Tradeshow. This year, we participated in the conference online. Over 150 guests were registered for this event, including attendees from CN, CP, and VIA Rail.

As part of the National Railway Day and Tradeshow, we were offered the opportunity to present at the Innovation Zone. The Innovation Zone is a platform for member companies to present their innovative products, services, and technologies. Paul Lindemulder, Senior Director of Product Development for Corporate R & D, hosted an information session on Holland’s Laser Welder technology.

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REMSA Appoints Rob Rosencrans to Board of Directors

We are pleased to announce that Holland’s very own General Manager of Rail Services, Rob Rosencrans, has been appointed to the REMSA Board of Directors.

REMSA is governed by a seven-member volunteer board of directors comprised of regional hospital leadership as well as other regional professionals including an attorney, a CPA, and community member. REMSA has strong oversight from the Board of Directors, the Washoe County District Board of Health, the EMS Advisory Board, and the State of Nevada EMS Division.

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LB Foster Rail Train

Holland is proud to have manufactured the latest rail train in partnership with LB Foster. This rail train is officially in service and on its way to Fort Stockton, Texas! Holland’s team of sales, purchasing, engineering, support groups and manufacturing experience designed and built this 6 tier, 60 pocket rail train. 

At 1600 ft. in length, this rail train consists of a single tie down assembly, hydraulic ramp assemblies and blast doors at each end. The two-car unloading unit is capable of unloading 90-141 lb rail strings two at a time.

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Holland Awarded Progressive Railroading's Readers Choice Award

We’re so thrilled to announce that Holland LP has been chosen for Progressive Railroading’s Readers Choice Awards for 2020!

This program recognizes products that best meet the industry's needs as selected by subscribers of Progressive Railroading. These awards feature products, systems, and technologies in the following categories: C&S Products, Innovative Products, Mechanical Products, MOW Products, New Products, and Technology Products.

Holland is proud to have been chosen for the “New Products” category for our latest innovation, the LaserWelder.

For more information on this award as well as the other winners, click here.

Holland Summer Interns: James Dourdourekas

Meet the last of our 2020 summer interns, James Dourdourekas! James is interning within our RMSS Engineering group working with our Argus Testing Technology.

James is currently enrolled at the University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign in Champaign, IL, where he is pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a Minor in Computer Science.  He is currently on the Dean’s list for the College of Engineering and is expected to graduate in May of 2021.

We asked James to tell us a little bit about himself and this is what he had to share!

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Holland Earns TTX SECO Award

Holland is proud to announce its naming as a TTX Company SECO (Supplier Evaluation Committee) Program "Excellent Supplier" for 2019. Each year, TTX evaluates each of its suppliers in five categories: quality, cost, delivery, service and financial/administration. Holland has achieved "Excellent Supplier" status over 15 times.
The "TTX Excellent Supplier" designation for 2019 is awarded to suppliers having a SECO rating of at least 92.0 and an alpha designation of (A) in all categories. The ratings assigned to each supplier by SECO represent the consensus view expressed by representatives from the TTX Fleet Management, Equipment, and Finance Departments, based upon many hours of review and discussion. Holland's efforts earned a 95.02 and A rating in 2019.
Holland is a long-term supplier partner of TTX with products including container locks for spine cars, chain assemblies for flat rail cars, floor anchors for boxcars and more. We are excited to continue helping TTX's efforts in providing services and equipment of the highest quality for our country's transportation system.

Holland Summer Interns: Nicole Lynch

 Happy July! We're so excited to introduce to you another Holland Summer intern. Meet Nicole Lynch! She is currently interning within our Accounting department. We asked Nicole to share a little bit about herself and here's what she had to share.

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Holland Summer Interns: Yasaswi Boyapati

We're excited to introduce to you another Holland Summer intern! Yasaswi Boyapati is interning within our Rail Measurement Systems and Services (RMSS) Engineering department. We asked Yasaswi to tell us a little bit about himself and his average day as an intern. Here's what he shared!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am Yasaswi Boyapati, born in India. I’m pursuing my master's degree in Information Sciences at the University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign. Though there are different pathways in my program, I’ve always been interested in Data Science. I’ve completed my Undergrad in Computer Science and Engineering. I’m a foodie and like to explore new cuisines. I follow NBA and F1 actively.

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Holland Summer Interns: Shardenay Morgan

Our summer interns have started! Although they are working from home and things are a little different than they usually would be, we still wanted to give them a spotlight to welcome them aboard! Please welcome Shardenay to the Holland family, who is working as an intern within our Human Resources Department. We asked Shardenay to tell us a little bit about herself and what her average day looks like. Here's what she shared!

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LRW Board Appoints Anne Schlegel to Board of Directors

Washington, DC, June 4, 2020 – The League of Railway Women (LRW) has appointed Anne Schlegel, JD, Senior Contracts Manager, Holland, L.P., to the membership chair position..Holland l.P. is an LRW Silver Corporate Partner. 

As membership chair, Anne will be responsible for leading the individual and corporate partnership programs. 

“We are very excited to welcome Anne ino her new role,” said LRW President Amanda Trainor Patrick. “Connecting and cultivating women in rail is our commitment to our membership and industry. We are inspired by the vision and experience these  industry leaders will share with our board and we look forward to their contributions to the organization.” 

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Holland's First Weld In Australia

Holland LP continues to break ground in Australia by completing their very first flash-butt weld.

Beginning in 2019, Holland has been making their move overseas to Australia. There have been many steps that needed to be taken to make this transition, including shipping our flash-butt welding equipment over to Australia. Last month, Holland's equipment made its move to Australia, which then needed to be unpacked and geared to start working. Now, we have completed our first flash-butt weld, which is a milestone in our move to Australia.

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Rail R U OK? Day

April 30th is Rail R U OK? Day. Holland has taken part in this industry-wide mental health initiative to emphasize the importance of helping co workers who seem to be having a rough time.

At Holland LP, family is one of our core values. We display this value by being extremely close with our team members and respectful to anyone we encounter. We know more than anyone the everyday struggles that our team members face, and we would be the first ones to know of any life changes or big events in their life. By simply asking R U OK? an opportunity opens for a coworker to feel supported and, possibly, save their life.

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Holland Equipment Lands in Australia

Exciting progress is being made in Australia as Holland's equipment makes its landing. 

Holland is very excited to make their debut in Australia. Employees Kevin Piefer and Brian Boutwell have been working hard to establish grounds overseas, and now Holland's equipment has just touched down as well. Between startup procedures, equiptment verification and final shakedown (wiring checks, router installation, antenna installation, leaks and drips cleanup), the equipment is now ensured to perform with excellence and safety. 

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Holland Intelliweld Arrives in Australia

History in the making! Holland Lp has delivered, for the first time, its state-of-the-art Intelliweld Flash-Butt Welding Control System and supporting equipment to the Australian market. With the tireless effort of our engineers and technical staff as well as the help of our friends and partners at Aries Rail, our latest technology will be tested and showcased in Perth, Western Australia.

The Intelliweld Flash-Butt welding control system is new to the market, with over 250,000,000 welds per year and a 98% up time. Equipped with low consumption weld capability, real-time weld monitoring and real time automated data collection, the Intelliweld is the latest and greatest in welding technology. Holland is offering full-service Flash Butt Welding operational management and support to Australia, with best-in-class Flash Butt Welding experts set to train the Australian workforce.

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Holland COVID-19 Customer Update

Holland LP is closely monitoring the developing situation concerning the Coronavirus COVID-19. The federal governments of the United States and Canada have deemed railroads to be an essential service, and an integral part of our nations’ business. As a railroad contractor and supplier, Holland is prepared to meet our customer needs and requirements during this time.

On March 19, 2020, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency ("CISA"), issued a Memorandum on Identification of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers. During COVID-19 Response, designating businesses that support the transportation industry, such as Holland, essential. All rail supply operations, including critical manufacturing, repair, and maintenance of rail equipment and infrastructure, are vital in mounting an effective response to the current pandemic.

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Holland LP COVID-19 Statement

Holland LP is closely monitoring the developing situation concerning the Coronavirus COVID-19. Guided by our core values of family, respect, partnership and integrity, the health of our team members across all our locations and job sites, along with that of our customers and industry partners is our top priority at this time.

Along with our owners, Curran Group, we have spent the last several weeks preparing for how the virus may impact our employees, customers, partners, and communities in which we do business. Our fixed locations and job sites are adhering to the latest updated guidelines provided by the United States White House Coronavirus Task Force, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and the Public Health Agency of Canada.

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Railroad Day on the Hill 2020

On Wednesday, March 4th, industry professionals met in Washington D.C. for the annual Railroad Day on Capitol Hill. This event allows the United States Congress to be privy to issues surrounding the Railroad industry, and what changes can be made to further improve.

Holland employees who attended Railroad Day met specifically with Illinois State Delegates at their Hill appointments. With this, we were able to take matters into our own hands and put our concerns to the forefront of Congress’s decision making. 

 We look forward to seeing some major improvements in 2020!


Holland Engineer Spotlight: Justin Faanes

We sat down with Justin Faanes, Holland's Argus Product Owner, to dive deep into his engineering background and what led him to Holland for Engineers Week 2020!

What did you originally want to be when you grew up?

A lot of things! One I distinctly remember though was an archeologist. My grandfather took me to a natural history museum growing up that really left an impression. Getting to see and feel fossils that were otherworldly and the thought that more could be right underneath my feet was really compelling!

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Holland University

Every year, team leaders from each Holland Department get together to discuss highs and lows of the previous years, and the ways in which improvements can be made in the year to come.

Presentations and breakout meetings followed by company dinners and team bonding exercises are just a few of the events that took place at this week-long learning session called Holland University. 

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Maggie Vuono: NRC Discussion Panelist

Kicking off the New Year comes NRC's annual convention in San Diego. Maggie Vuono, Holland's National Sales Manager, has been asked to speak on a panel for the League of Railway Women once again.The topic of this year's NRC discussion panel is "Superwomen: Breaking Barriers and Biases." Maggie will be joined by Beverly Bailey of Stronghold Engineering and Amanda Bewley of Knife River Corporation on January 6, 2-4pm local time. 

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Taisha Poulin Featured as REMSA Member-of-the-Month

We're so honored to have Holland's very own Taisha Poulin featured as REMSA's (Railway Engineering-Maintenance Suppliers Association) December Member-of-the-Month! Taisha started with us this year, but she's not new to the industry! After spending the last 2 years at the Canadian Association of Railway Suppliers handling their Membership Services and Events, she then joined our sales team as the Key Account Manager for Eastern Canada. 

In her interview with REMSA, she sys, "The Railroads may have been known to carry the 'Old Boys Club' title in the past, but I have to say it doesn’t feel that way. I work with amazing people, men and women who are hard -working, intelligent and share the love for the industry."

You can read more of Taisha's interview and subscribe to the Mainline newsletter from REMSA by visiting


Paul Lindemulder to speak at AusRail 2019 Conference

Holland’s very own Paul Lindemulder is set to present on “The Development of Manganese Steel Laser Additive Welding as a Means of Special Trackwork Repair” at this year’s AusRAIL Conference.

Paul’s topic of presentation is on one of Holland’s newest technologies – the LaserWelder™. The laser welding service includes pre-weld material removal using plasma cutting and robotically controlled hot wire laser cladding welding to build back the damaged area on a frog repair. This service is proven to be more efficient than traditional frog repairs, cutting work time nearly in half and significantly lowering the chance of repeat damages in the future.

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Railway Interchange Round-Up

September 22nd - 25th was filled with fun at Railway Interchange in Minneapolis, MN! The show debuted some of Holland's latest innovations as well as featured some of our very own rail experts. Our indoor booth was bustling as we shared information on our new Gage InspectorRail Car ProductsSparkless Carbide Saw, and Manufacturing Capabilities

We also featured techncial sessions on various products and softwares that help our customers make the best decisions for maintenance of way projects. 

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Maggie Vuono, National Sales Manager, Speaks at Railway Women Panel

Maggie Vuono, Holland's National Sales Manager, spoke at the League of Railway Women (LRW) Panel at this year's Railway Interchange in Minneapolis, MN. Maggie was joined by four members of the LRW for the panel; Lisa Tuningley of T-RAIL Products Inc., Kate Suprenuk of Union Tank Car Company, Pam Arpin of Canadian Pacific, and Shannon Emberly of Canadian National. Panelists spoke on strategies for achieving a highly impactful career as a woman in the rail industry.

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Holland Hang-On Geometry Systems: Real Time Track Inspector

We're so excited to now offer Hang-On Geometry Systems for your track testing needs. Holland's Gauge Inspector offers real-time gage measurement and is usable under any conventional hi-rail vehicle with any size trailer hitch. These are designed to be low cost, low power, and lightweight.

This product was recently unveiled at this year's Railway Interchange. You can find an interview on the Gauge Inspector with RT&S Magazine and Russ Newberg (Holland's Director of Operations for Rail Measurement Systems and Services) here.

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Railway Interchange 2019

We're in full swing preparing for Railway Interchange in Minneapolis, MN! This show from Sunday, September 22nd through Tuesday, September 24th will be full of new innovations for all to see.

Holland's indoor booth (Booth # 2650) will feature: 

  • Gage Inspector - The newest addition to Holland's Hang-On Geometry Systems. This features real-time gage measurement and audible alerts. Low Cost, Low Power, and Lightweight!
  • Rail Car Products - Holland's line of railcar products used to secure containers, safeguard automobiles, and protect lading against shifting while en route.
  • Sparkless Carbide Saw - View a close-up video of this saw in action as well as samples of cut rail. 
  • Manufacturing Capabilities - Learn about how Holland can assist in your next manufacturing and engineering project as well as fun facts on what we've accomplished through the years. 
  • Technical sessions from Holland's own rail industry experts. View the full schedule and times here.

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650-Series Partnership with Custom Truck One Source

We're so proud to announce our latest partnership with Custom Truck One Source! Holland's newest 650-series contract testing vehicle was built by Custom Truck One Source and will be featured at their outdoor booth at this year's Railway Interchange. You can view this build up close in outdoor booth # 203.

The 650 Series provides track geometry and rail profile measurement data along with track strength information from our patented lightweight load axle in a medium duty package. This versatile testing vehicle has the flexibility you need to get a comprehensive assessment of your track condition to keep your track up and running safely and efficiently

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The Importance of Electric Flash-Butt Welding in Crane Rail Repair

Runway rail replacement can be an expensive project. For any organization there are multiple conditions that must be considered such as impact on cranes, structures and their operations as well as effects it may have on the product quality. Luckily, Holland offers electric flash-butt welding services for crane rail repairs for rail sizes ranging from 60 to 175 pounds per yard. Holland has been performing flash-butt welds since the mid 1980s and continues to prove that it is the most durable and reliable currently available.

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Holland's Maggie Vuono to Speak on League of Railway Women Panel

Join Maggie and three other distinguised woman as they discuss their roles of leadership in the rail industry, key leadership traits and strategies, as well as resources and opportunities that they have used along the way. This League of Railway Women panel will be taking place at this year's Railway Interchange on Monday, September 23rd at 10:00 AM. 

Founded in 1997, the League of Railway Women (LRW) is committed to improving the railroad industry by connecting and cultivating women in rail. You can find more information about this organization at

Panel: When Women Lead – Reflection & Strategy for Achieving a Highly Impactful Career

Monday, September 23rd 10:00 AM

Now Introducing Holland's Latest Innovation - The LaserWelder

We're so proud to introduce our latest innovation to add onto our sparkless service offerings. Holland's LaserWelderTM creates a new standard for safer, longer lasting repairs.

Traditional repairs to frogs often only last weeks to six months before requiring additional maintenance. Holland's LaserWelderTM service includes pre-weld material removal using plasma cutting and robotically controlled hot wire laser cladding welding to build back the damaged area. 

This process provides improved welding through lower heat input, on parent material, maintaining temperatures below 500 degrees. The resulting repair is higher quality, longer lasting and can be completed two to three times faster than a traditional repair weld. This helps reduce costs and maintenance time, keeping your track up and running. 

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Holland Transportation Technology Business Unit Reaches 1000 Days Injury Free!

We would like to congratulate our Holland Transportation Technology business unit for officially reaching 1000 days injury free! This is a tremendous safety milestone and we're so proud of this accomplishment. Thank you to the HoTT team for working with safety in mind always!

 Holland’s HoTT business unit provides a variety of specialized rail car products to ensure your cargo arrives at its destination safely and undamaged. Our rail car products secure containers, safeguard automobiles, or protect lading against shifting en route. These products include bridge plates, cable and chain securements, container locks, and more.

Holland Presents at Damage Prevention 2019

On July 8th, 2019, Holland attended the 127th Annual Damage Prevention and Freight Claims Conference (AAR) in Omaha, Nebraska.

Holland’s very own Chris Roberts had the delight of speaking about the Multi-Purpose Chain Assembly Success Story at the show.

Chris discussed how gathering input from various industries helped to create a chain made for flat car flexibility.

Joining Chris at the AAR convention was four other members of Holland’s HoTT (Holland Transportation Technologies) team. The HoTT team supplies specialized rail car products that ensure your cargo arrives at its destination safely and undamaged. With safety as their top priority, the HoTT teams takes pride in the fact that they are on their sixth year of no recordable injury.

Gauge Face Angle: Why Is It Important for Transits?

Gauge Face Angle is becoming an increasingly important measurement in the railway industry, particularly on rail transit systems. The shutdown of a transit system in the Eastern US after a derailment in which high gauge face angle was recorded has brought the measurement to the attention of transit systems across the countryGFAArticle

What is Gauge Face Angle?

Gauge face angle (GFA) is an angle measured at the contact point of the wheel flange and the
gauge face of the rail, typically 5/8 inch below the top of rail. It is derived by fitting a straight line to
a restricted region of the gauge face of the rail. The region is bounded by two user-defined points,
one, typically about 2 mm above the gauge point and one about 2 mm below the gauge point. The
GFA is the angle in degrees that this line makes with a vertical line, defined by reference to
track level. 

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Holland LP and Village of Crete Raise Railroad Safety Awareness with New Sidewalk Signs

Committed to creating a culture of safety at Holland, we are proud to announce our latest project with the Village of Crete, IL to promote rail safety throughout our community. Painted sidewalk signs at high pedestrian traffic points now offer a permanent warning to community members who are crossing the railroad tracks by foot.

According to FRA Statistics, there were 1,050 pedestrian rail trespass casualties in 2018, and Illinois is ranked fifth with 44 last year alone. The goal of these sidewalk signs is to urge the community to cross the railroad tracks only where it is marked at a crossing and to “Stop, Look, and Listen” before crossing the tracks.

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Crete Rail Safety Day!

Holland is so excited to be a part of the first ever Crete Rail Safety Day!

Join us on July 12th from 1 - 3 PM to learn about trains and rail safety with special guests Operation Lifesaver and the Midwest Rail Rangers.

  • See our Holland rail maintenance vehicles up close
  • Coloring Station
  • Free popsicles and giveaways
  • Sidewalk Chalk Fun

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Sparkless Carbide Saw

Holland is proud to announce its latest railway innovation: The Sparkless Carbide Saw. Railways all over the world will now be able to increase their efficiency safely with the ability to destress rail while cutting spark free.

Holland’s Director of New Product Development, Paul Lindemulder, described the multiple safety and risk management improvements to field operations saying, “Using carbide tipped steel blades, rotating at low RPMs, provides spark and dust free cutting of rail. Spark free cutting reduces the risk of fires started on the job that can result in significant loss. Dust and fumes are eliminated compared to abrasive saw cutting that can be a breathing hazard.” These features make the saw ideal for bridge and tunnel work, as well as work in high fire risk areas.

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Holland Awarded 2018 Contractor Safety Award

Holland is proud to announce that they have received the 2018 Contractor Safety Award courtesy of Railway Track and Structures and Commercial Insurance Association. Holland is so proud of this accomplishment that shows the entire company’s commitment to safety.

The award was given to Holland during the 2019 National Railroad Construction (NRC) Conference in Marco Island Florida. Mike O’Grady, Holland’s Chief Operating Officer, graciously accepted the award on behalf of Holland at the conference.

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Holland's Transportation Technology Business Unit reaches Major Safety Milestone

Holland is proud to announce that its Transportation Technology (HoTT) business unit celebrated its second consecutive year with zero recordable injuries on November 9, 2018. We are so proud of this accomplishment that embodies not only the unit’s but the entire company’s commitment to building a culture of safety.

Holland’s HoTT products are for the majority produced at the manufacturing facility in Kenova, West Virginia. “The entire Kenova team has done an excellent job of leading and incorporating safety into daily operations resulting in a positively growing safety record of 2 years with no recordable injuries” said David Wright, Holland’s Safety Director.

Randy Haberman, Vice President of Holland’s Equipment Division continued saying, “Our company culture thrives around safety, so it’s a great accomplishment to see our business units hitting these safety milestones. We’re very proud of the entire HoTT team for taking safety as seriously as they do.”

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Rob Rosencrans joins Holland LP as General Manager of Turnkey Construction

We are excited to welcome Rob Rosencrans who joins Holland LP as the General Manager of Holland Turnkey Engineering & Construction (HTEC). Rob will be responsible for the safety, strategy, product development and daily operation of the business unit. In this role, Rob will propel Holland to its next level of growth by working closely with customers, sales and all supporting divisions to continue to provide exceptional track maintenance and services including new track construction, repair welding, turnout and surfacing work, cut and slide work, and crossing installation, just to name a few.

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Holland's Railway Measurement Systems and Services Business Unit Reaches Major Safety Milestone

Holland is proud to announce that its Railway Measurement Systems and Services (RMSS) business unit celebrated its fifth consecutive year with zero recordable injuries on February 18, 2018. This is a tremendous accomplishment that embodies not only the unit’s but the entire company’s commitment to building a culture of safety.

“Five years injury free is incredible given the challenging environment we operate in,” noted Jordan Wolf, President. He continued to recognize the commitment and continued effort demonstrated by RMSS’ achievement of this milestone saying, “they really lead the way and provide inspiration to the rest of the company and myself. If they can achieve such a tremendous goal, we all can.” Holland’s 2020 Safety goal is to achieve zero injuries across all business units.

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