Holland is proud to announce that its Transportation Technology (HoTT) business unit celebrated its second consecutive year with zero recordable injuries on November 9, 2018. We are so proud of this accomplishment that embodies not only the unit’s but the entire company’s commitment to building a culture of safety.

Holland’s HoTT products are for the majority produced at the manufacturing facility in Kenova, West Virginia. “The entire Kenova team has done an excellent job of leading and incorporating safety into daily operations resulting in a positively growing safety record of 2 years with no recordable injuries” said David Wright, Holland’s Safety Director.

Randy Haberman, Vice President of Holland’s Equipment Division continued saying, “Our company culture thrives around safety, so it’s a great accomplishment to see our business units hitting these safety milestones. We’re very proud of the entire HoTT team for taking safety as seriously as they do.”

Holland’s 2020 Safety goal is to achieve zero injuries across all business units. Holland’s Rail Measurement Systems and Services (RMSS) business unit just achieved five years without a recordable injury on February 18, 2018. Jordan Wolf, President expressed his gratitude saying, “It’s a great stride toward achieving our 2020 Safety Goal and sets a great example for our other business units, support departments, and myself to follow.”

Holland’s HoTT business unit provides a variety of specialized rail car products to ensure your cargo arrives at its destination safely and undamaged. Our rail car products secure containers, safeguard automobiles, or protect lading against shifting en route. These products include bridge plates, cable and chain securements, container locks, and more