Every year, team leaders from each Holland Department get together to discuss highs and lows of the previous years, and the ways in which improvements can be made in the year to come.

Presentations and breakout meetings followed by company dinners and team bonding exercises are just a few of the events that took place at this week-long learning session called Holland University. 

Ten deserving Holland employees were recognized by their colleagues as some of the hardest working and dedicated team members of the year. We call these standout team members “Holland All-Stars.” The recipients of these awards are as follows:

Matt Santucci

Victor Medina

Cory Shmaltz

Mike Hakenjos

Tiffany Johnson

Scott Wilczewski

Doug Reder

Tim Rushing

Paul Lindemulder

We want to congratulate our All-star winners for setting great examples by going above and beyond all year for Holland!