April 30th is Rail R U OK? Day. Holland has taken part in this industry-wide mental health initiative to emphasize the importance of helping co workers who seem to be having a rough time.

At Holland LP, family is one of our core values. We display this value by being extremely close with our team members and respectful to anyone we encounter. We know more than anyone the everyday struggles that our team members face, and we would be the first ones to know of any life changes or big events in their life. By simply asking R U OK? an opportunity opens for a coworker to feel supported and, possibly, save their life.

With the current pandemic stressing the lives of people around the world, now is the time to spark these difficult conversations to let people know we are here for them and that they are not alone. Some may feel that they don’t want to overstep boundaries by asking questions when they know someone close to them is trying to navigate a difficult time. Learning the 4 steps to an R U OK? Conversation allows us to check in on others with respect for their privacy but also letting them know that they have the support if they need it. The four steps are as follows:

    1. Ask R U OK?
    2. Listen
    3. Encourage Action
    4. Check in

We have chosen to be part of this initiative because we believe if we take the time to start an R U OK? Conversation with a colleague -not only on our industry- specific R U OK? Day, but any day someone’s struggling – we can help create a stronger, more resilient and safer workplace.

We need your support to make Rail R U OK? Day a success! Please join in on the movement and show your teammates that they are cared for and supported in the workplace.

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