We're excited to introduce to you another Holland Summer intern! Yasaswi Boyapati is interning within our Rail Measurement Systems and Services (RMSS) Engineering department. We asked Yasaswi to tell us a little bit about himself and his average day as an intern. Here's what he shared!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am Yasaswi Boyapati, born in India. I’m pursuing my master's degree in Information Sciences at the University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign. Though there are different pathways in my program, I’ve always been interested in Data Science. I’ve completed my Undergrad in Computer Science and Engineering. I’m a foodie and like to explore new cuisines. I follow NBA and F1 actively.

 Yasaswi Boyapati

Why did you choose Holland to apply for an internship?

My motive for doing an internship has always been to learn a great deal of knowledge. When I heard a company such as Holland is stepping into Data Science, I wanted to be part of it. As this is a starting phase, I could experiment with know methods and learn new things. At the same time, I’m happy that my work could be useful to maintain railway tracks which are obviously important for everyone.

 Yasaswi Boyapati Desk

Walk us through an average day.

My day starts at around 7 AM and I go on to do some running or exercise. After that, I get ready for work, followed by breakfast which is probably the motivation to get up from the bed.

Now that it’s 8:30 AM, the work starts. I usually have a short meeting for about 15mins with my manager Sherry and fellow interns in the morning to discuss our updates on the work. Being done with that, I go through my e-mails and calendar. After all this, the technical part comes. 

The end goal of my internship is to build Machine learning models to assist in railway tracks maintenance, and my project is kind of solo. So most of the time in the morning is spent by looking at the issues of my work and ways to resolve them. I research a little on new and upcoming algorithms and ways to improve my existing work.

It’s almost lunchtime now. I take around a one-hour break. As I am living with my sister for the summer break, she cooks the food (Thanks sis!). 

I resume my work by implementing the algorithms I’ve researched in the morning. Doing this takes up the rest of my workday. Now and then I’ll be having meetings with Justin, who is my Tech Manager. I’ll be updating him on my work and to resolve the doubts and issues I have in work. 

As clock ticks 5 PM, it’s time to save the work and close. I update my calendar and things to do for tomorrow.

I must say, no day looks the same as the other with all the challenges in the work, meetings, and learning new stuff every day. Looking forward to meeting my colleagues in real life.


Welcome to the Holland Family, Yasaswi! We're happy to have you with us this summer.