Meet the last of our 2020 summer interns, James Dourdourekas! James is interning within our RMSS Engineering group working with our Argus Testing Technology.

James is currently enrolled at the University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign in Champaign, IL, where he is pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a Minor in Computer Science.  He is currently on the Dean’s list for the College of Engineering and is expected to graduate in May of 2021.

We asked James to tell us a little bit about himself and this is what he had to share!

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Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is James Dourdourekas, and I am a rising Senior studying for a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Illinois. I’ve lived my whole life in Downers Grove with three younger brothers, and although I appreciate technology, I also love to get away from it all to camp and do all sorts of outdoor activities. I often listen to music in my free time, and I played violin and then percussion for most of my life.


Why did you choose Holland to apply for an internship?

My courses and extracurriculars have sparked my passion for design of robotics systems, and I was fascinated to see how Holland’s RMSS division uses mechatronic systems designed together by mechanical engineers and computer scientists to disrupt an old but vital industry. I see a lot of value in designing products which directly make people safer. Beyond my work, the community at Holland has been very warm and welcoming, and I feel that my support network has helped me make the most of a virtual internship.

James Desk


Walk us through an average day.

I generally wake up at 6:00AM to check on my dogs and let them out, getting ready and eating breakfast before starting work. To begin, I review emails, what I worked on the previous day, and what I plan to accomplish that day.

After a daily standup with my manager and co-interns, I sketch, CAD, and research for my project. I take a break around 12:00PM and like to get some exercise before lunch. Afterwards, I continue working on my project, reaching out to others on the team if I hit any roadblocks.

This summer, I am responsible for designing an automated test stand capable of manipulating two of our ARGUS rail measurement systems. The ARGUS units and mock railroad segments will each have three degrees of freedom, allowing for a full range of geometric tests. This test stand will be very useful for demonstrating and improving our existing products.

Working from home is convenient but presents its own set of challenges in the form of my younger brothers and our new puppy. Although they can keep me on my toes, their brief visits keep morale up during the days. After work ends, I spend time with my family, friends, and girlfriend.

James Home

Although COVID has been bad for plans, I’ve found myself appreciating the small things more. I have greatly enjoyed my time at Holland so far and look forward to the rest!

Welcome to the Holland family, James! We're happy to have you with us this summer!