• Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I live in Crown Point, Indiana which about 11 miles southeast of the Crete office. I live there with my parents, 4 younger brothers, and 2 younger sisters. I enjoy hunting, fishing, baseball, and anything outdoors. I also enjoy working out and attending concerts.

This summer I am working as a sales intern. Most of my work is striving to learn as much as I can about Holland’s products and services, the industry, and the ins and outs of business-to-business sales through time with most of the salespeople at Holland. In the time I am not here, I landscape at my other job where I run crews to bring revenue to that business and make customers satisfied with their home’s outer appearance. This upcoming schoolyear, I will graduate from Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN with a major in marketing and a minor in accounting.

  • Why did you choose Holland to apply for an internship?

I chose to apply for an internship here because the internship description fit closely with what I want to do for a career. The description said that I would get business to business sales experience and guidance in an industry that I have become very interested in since my internship here last summer. Last summer I saw that Holland was a company that takes pride in their work and performance. They want to be the best at what they do and in some of their business units, they are. This was great to see and something that I wanted to be a part of. Another thing I saw from last summer that made me want to come back was the company culture and the company values that the employees had. The office was often empty when I was at Crete due to Covid, but my manager and those I worked closely with were kind and willing to help whenever I needed it. They also kept me busy and gave me some great learning experiences.

  • Walk us through an average day of your internship.

Last summer in Marketing, I had a relatively similar schedule every day. This summer has been totally different. I can honestly say that there has been no pattern or similar days, but I can give you some of the things I have done thus far.

The first week I was here consisted of company training and taking railroad training courses. I learned a lot about railroad safety, so I would be able to go out on track and see Holland at work in the field.

The next week I was able to see how inside sales works with Rhea Franczyk. She taught me the basics of CRM projects and opportunities and how to input Purchase Orders. She tested me at the end and had me input some projects on my own to see how much I learned. Throughout that week she set up online and in person meetings with some experts at the company to help me learn more about all of the products and services that Holland offers.

On my third week, I went on track by myself in Gary at the CN yard there hoping to see the crew make some welds, but due to track time issues, I didn’t see them make any welds. However, I still had time to talk to the crew all day and learn about what they do for Holland.

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The rest of week 3, I drove to downtown Chicago for the AARS conference with Matt Sturgeon to learn about the industry and network with people in the industry. I got to meet some great people and hear some intelligent speakers from many different companies.


In my fourth week, I was able to see the travelling side of sales with Taryn Peterson when we went to Columbus, Ohio to meet a customer from MB Rail. I was able to see how she works with customers and builds relationships with them. The second day there we were able to see the customer’s track and learn about their operations and needs. They even put Taryn and I on one of their locomotives that was running, and we rode along for a short time which was a great experience.


To end week 4, I was able to catch up with the other interns. The Interns and I were then able to have a group session/presentation lead by Rich Trojan.

I am only halfway done with this summer and have learned so much already. I am excited to see what else I will learn and see the rest of the summer.