It's Intern season here at Holland! We're welcoming some fresh faces around our Crete and University Park facilities. Meet Zach Rozendal who is spending the summer working with our Holland Equipment Business Unit. We interviewed Zach to tell us a little more about his day to day activities and what brought him to Holland. 

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am Zach Rozendal an HEBU engineering intern working with Mike Weaver, this summer in the UP campus. Next school year, I am a going to be a Junior at Calvin University studying Mechanical Engineering. I am a captain on the Men’s Rugby team at Calvin University as well as a Resident Assistant in the Dorms next year. I enjoy spending my free time outdoors and with my friends.


  • Why did you choose Holland to apply for an internship?

I chose Holland for two reasons, first I knew multiple people who either worked or still work at Holland. They all have enjoyed their time working at Holland whether it was in the office or in the shop. They also have had nice things to say about the community and work environment. Second Holland is not that far form my house so it allowed me to continue living at home and still have a short commute.


  • Walk us through an average day of your internship.

7:00 – leave for work, it is about a 30ish min drive to University Park.

7:30 – When I get to work the first thing, I do is login to teams and open any emails sent over the night or weekend. Then I start working on what ever project I am assigned.

8:00 – The other Intern I am working with, and I meet with Our project supervisor and go over what we will need to do for the day. Through out the day I can be found at my desk, the conference room (my corner office) or the shop. If I am in the shop, I am probably taking measurements for the latest ECO I am working on or I am looking at what material we have available for the latest design.

12:00 – It is time for lunch which depending on what I have going on I either take a working lunch or am talking about the latest sports news with the Chris who I share a cubical with.

1:00 – Its back to work continuing whatever project I was working on before lunch.

4:00 – 4:30 its time to pack up and head home for the day.