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Holland is the premier provider of flash-butt welding rail welding equipment, service, parts, training and application knowledge. Throughout our 80 plus year history, Holland has been pioneering solutions to meet the needs of railroads across the world. Our success comes from our commitment to quality and innovation. Over the years, our sytems have proven to be the most reliable and productive in the industry, performing over 30 million welds with our own equipment and employees, enabling Holland to set the standard for flash-butt welding on a worldwide basis.



Currently Supporting Flash-Butt Welding in Over 35 Countries


Certifications include:

AREMA Chapter 4 – Rail 80-ES-035F-99-7001 / Brazil Section 02467 / Taiwan Rail Welding
AS 1085.20 / Australian Standard / Welding of Steel Rail / Other country and local welding standards such as Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong TB 1632-85 / Department Standard of Rail Department of the Peoples Republic of China / Government of India Ministry of Railways - Manual for Flash Butt Welding of Rails / Network Rail / United Kingdom / Flash Welding Rails Standard EN 14587 - 2 / European Standard for Mobile Welding Machines Section B11 400 / Africa Field Welding of Rail Joints


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