General Flatcar Products

Our load securement chain and cable assembly systems make sure your cargo arrives at the destination safely. We have specially designed chains for specific applications and custom cable assemblies to secure many types of products.

Multi-Purpose Chains

Used in conjunction with the tie-down channel on flat cars for securing all sizes of vehicles and equipment. This product replaces all standard 1/2" and 3/8" chain assemblies for rail cars. 
Patent # 10,029,604



Affixed to the deck of a flat car,  an Anchor Channel is used as the securement point between the rail car and chain tie down assembly.  The slots in the top of the channel allow for adjustability of the location of the chain assembly, allowing for quick and secure tie down of vehicles on a flat car.


Standard Chain Assembly

Holland offers a variety of securement chains that meet AAR and MIL specification requirements. Applications include agricultural implements, industrial or heavy-duty vehicles and military equipment.

Custom chain arrangement is available.

Cable Winch & Wire

Holland has a wide variety of custom length cable  and winch assemblies for use on center beam cars to secure products like lumber, steel and much more. 
cable with winch

Straps and Corner Protector

Straps are used on center beam and Bulkhead flat cars to secure commodities such as lumber and pipe. Used to protect against damage where the webbing or cable comes in contact with the edge of the commodity.


corner protector

Tie Rods

Used with the Frame Flat Chain Assembly, we have tie rods available in multiple lengths for product securement.

Stake Pocket Anchor

Holland's stake pocket anchor features a top loading design to provide easy and safe repositioning to suit carloads. Our stake pocket chain assembly includes: Stake Pocket Anchor, 1/2 In. Chain Assembly, Corner Protector, Turnbuckle and Tread Clamp. This assembly offers a 6 in. take-up with each unit pull tested to 55,000 pounds while eliminating the need for blocks while transporting large, bulky items on flatcars.

stake pocket anchor

Frame Flat Chains

Holland offers frame flat chains in a 1/2 In. diameter. These chains are primarily used in conjunction with our tie rods to secure car frames to a flatcar. 

1 2 chain3 8 chain

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