Make the most of your track inspections by combining track geometry with rich data inputs for a digital twin of your infrastructure. Holland’s LiDAR powered by Cordel is the latest addition to our suite of track measurement systems and services. LiDAR provides you with a range of data applications such as track imagery, clearance validation, line of sight, site measurements, condition assessments and more.

The simple cloud-based user interface allows any user or stakeholder to simply login and: search for data by date and location; click to view and manipulate associated imagery, video and point clouds; download and share; and click to order customized automatically generated reports for all types of asset monitoring and inspection applications.

  • Do virtual site visits for dozens of use cases
  • Street-view like navigation
  • Network wide coverage
  • Compatible with all .laz, .las and imagery formats
  • Sync with network Linear Reference System
  • Integrate with existing enterprise GIS environments

Data Applications:

Digital Twin
3D Digital Twin

Providing colorized point clouds, high resolution video imagery served up in an easy to use web interface with basic and easy to use visualization tools and simple organization wide access to data.

Clearance Validation
Clearance Validation

Providing an extruded kinematic profile automatically, the system outputs classified and quantifiable infringement reports in formats used by most of the worlds railways.

Track Centerline
Track Centerline

Automate rail head, centerline and overhead lines extraction. Update and reference to networks LRS, calculate OLE geometry, calculate intervals across all types of railways including third rail areas.

Ballast Profiling
Ballast Profiling

Monitor and report volumes, deficiencies and exceedances. Compare data against idealistic standards and classify different areas for conditional reporting.

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Asset Mapping

Accurately map your railway (baseline), continuously scan network and automatically report asset changes over time. Enforce compliance and build efficiency.

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