Passenger and Transit Testing

As a passenger or transit line, there is nothing seen as more "precious cargo" than your riders. Using Holland's contract testing services, our TrackSTAR® testing vehicles alongside our skilled teams, can provide you a comprehensive assessment of your track to allow you to prioritize repair work. 

Once defects have been detected, Holland also offers transit welding solutions specifically designed to accomodate the unique characteristics of transit systems. 

Learn more about our recommended TrackSTAR® vehicles below.

We recommend 400/491
Passenger and Transit Lines
For these lines, we recommend the Holland
400-series TrackSTAR® units or 491 Transit Testing Vehicle (TTV)

Learn more about each of these units >

400 Unit Provides
Our 400-Series Unit Provides:
Full geometry and profile readings, loaded gauge, strength testing.
This unit can also find broken spikes and fasteners that can lead to derailments.
400-Series Load Axle
The load axle on these vehicles can apply up to 15,000-pound vertical and 10,000-pound lateral loads to the track, generating L/V ratios between 0.5 and 1.25, depending on the actual applied loads.
Loadings such as these, which replicate the type of loading that poorly performing vehicles are likely to generate, provide a truer picture of what the track actually “sees” under explicit traffic conditions.
491 Provides
491 Transit Testing Vehicle Provides:
Full geometry and rail profile readings as well as gauge face angle. Light load axle gives loaded gauge/strength testing that can identify poor ties and fasteners.
491 Designed
491 Transit Testing Vehicle (TTV)
This unit is designed specifically to accommodate the unique conditions on transit systems including broad gauge, tight clearances, and tight-radius curves (up to 70 degrees).
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