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Unattended Geometry Measurement System (UGMS)

Holland's UGMS, also known as Autonomous Track Geometry Measurement System or ATGMS, redefines the economics of track testing by capitalizing on the superior measurement technologies of the Argus system and mounting it to the underside of a locomotive. This combination takes advantage of the locomotive’s power, tachometer, and GPS information to provide continuous testing back and forth along critical network corridor(s) and eliminating the need for track time.

Key Features of Holland’s Locomotive UGMS include:

  • Unique mounting design requires no welding or drilling
  • Most economical per mile loaded track measurement due to high utilization of locomotives (>100,000 miles/year)
  • Conventional bundle reports (executive summary, curve reports, defect summary, strip/brush charts), defect list, movement report, and movement map files are provided to the customers daily.

To learn more about our Locomotive UGMS, click here to download our product sheet. 



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