Zero injuries.

striving towards zero injuries and accidents

The quest to achieve zero injuries will always be our top objective as a company. To this end, our professional Safety team works in partnership with our leaders and employees to coach, educate and, where necessary, challenge unsafe behaviors. Employees are trained and empowered to work safely and Stop the Line anytime, anywhere.

Our aim is to create a safety culture encompassing employees, equipment, vehicles, processes and facilities that will allow us to consistently outperform the safety record for the safest Class 1 railroad while on our way towards having ZERO injuries and accidents.


Holland is proud to have earned the Platinum NRC Safe Contractor of the Year Award for 2022.

Recent Safety Milestones

Holland Equipment Business Unit - 4 Years, Feb 2023

Rail Measurement Systems & Services - 10 Years, Feb 2023

M Bar D 1 Year, Apr 2023 - 1 Year, Apr 2023

Mobile Operations Division, Canada - 1 Year, Apr 2023