Short Plug Repair Welding

Holland’s short plug flash-butt welding provides railways with a higher quality and more cost-effective defect remediation and repair. Traditionally, repair welding gangs rely on a 20’-40’ plug with three pieces of equipment as well as six to eight railroad employees and two Holland employees. With our short plug flash-butt repair welding gang, 5’ plugs are used with two pieces of equipment and a total of four (railroad and Holland) employees.

The benefits of short plug flash-butt welding:

  • A single four-man crew can match the efficiency of three thermite crews
  • Superior joint strength and durability compared to thermite
  • Typical repair takes between 60-75 minutes
  • Using 5’ plugs out of a 40’ or 20’ rail, there is no scrap
  • A small gang is more nimble than a large repair gang

Along with these benefits, Holland’s flash-butt welding services include our Intelliweld® Control System which provides superior control over the flash-butt welding process.

Learn more about the benefits of Holland Flash-Butt Welding versus Thermite Welding.

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