Impacting the Environment

Our Impact Matters

impacting the environment

Holland is continually looking for new ways to make our operations less impactful on the environment and conserve the resources around us.



Our Crete, IL headquarters is home 10-acre wetland, the Holland Marsh, that employees have restored and maintained over the last 13 years in partnership with Land Resource Management Group – Great Lakes, LLC. It is also home to a certified 5000+ sq ft Monarch Waystation. To qualify for this distinction, Holland employees planted native milkweeds, along with annual, biennial and perennial nectar plants and demonstrated sustainable land management practices. 

HAMR™ - Holland Automated Manganese Refurbishment

  • Reduces users' waste and overall carbon footprint by cutting maintenance and minimizing the procurement of new, high-emission components
  • Allows for the recycling of frogs and diamonds taken out of service.
  • HAMR provides safer working conditions via ergonomics, reduced fumes, and the ability to work safely while trains pass

Next Generation Mobile Welding

  • Future plans to replace more environmentally impactful welding methods through new designs
  • Short Plug Repair Welding uses 5' plugs versus 20' eliminating waste and allowing railroads to do more with what they have, lessening the need to procure new rail.

Railcar Products

  • 100% reusable strapping systems versus disposable systems offered by competitors
  • Manufactured steel parts made from recycled material

Green Team

  • Founded in early 2022 to address the environmental aspect of sustainability. The team has begun tracking energy consumption, recycling efforts, and researching additional ways Holland can become a greener organization
Sustainability Medal