Hybrid Welding

Hybrid Welding

Holland’s Hybrid Welder™ features the same industry-leading equipment as a traditional
MobileWelder®, with a battery-powered welder head. This allows us to deliver the high-quality flash-butt welds Holland is known for in a more sustainable package. The design also eliminates mechanical systems that are known failure points and increases Holland’s already industry-leading uptime.

  • Decreased fuel consumption and emissions generation.
  • Reduced noise increases the safety of our operators and the surrounding environment.
  • Complies with future emission requirements while avoiding equipment down-time associated with stringent emission requirements on traditional generators.

The Hybrid Welder™ completed AREMA testing on several rail types by various manufacturers and achieved the same or better weld quality conformance rate as a traditional Holland MobileWelder®. Additionally, batteries deliver more consistent welding power than standard generators.

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