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HRSA welding on transit
Western Australia

Claremont station

HRSA was contracted to assist RMC in building LWRs for the Claremont Station component of Perth’s Metronet project. With various space constraints, this was a great project for HRSA to showcase our Portable Plant welder to the Australian market. We were able to set up a roller line welding facility, safely in a restricted space and complete 140 welds without weld failure or incident...

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Western Australia

Denny Avenue

The Denny Avenue Level Crossing removal was the first level crossing to be removed in Perth as part of the Metronet Level Crossing removal program. HRSA successfully welded short strings into 82.5m LWRs using our Portable Plant Welder. Like with most metro jobs our team was faced with major space constraints and interaction with various other contract groups...

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Western Australia

Port Hedland

HRSA successfully assisted in delivering a 3 month re-rail and defect removal program concluding in October 2021. This work was completed under tight track possessions without incident, injury or machine break down. Our teams developed great relationships with the customer and delivered great work under what were sometimes challenging conditions.


Bowen Station

HRSA was engaged in late 2021 to build LWRs for Rhomberg Rail Australia in Bowen. We used our Portable Plant welder to produce strings of various lengths completing a total of 701 welds well ahead of schedule.

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Our core values of family, respect, partnership, integrity, and improvement provide the foundation for everything we do. For our partners, we deliver our commitments to safety, striving towards zero injuries and accidents; quality products and services, continually looking for ways to improve; and leadership: developing industry-leading technology and employees.

About Us

Serving the rail industry for over 85 years

Founded in 1935, Holland has grown from a rail car product company to a versatile product and service provider most widely known as the industry leader in flashbutt welding. Our teams make nearly 300,000 welds annually while achieving 99.99% weld quality conformance.

Recognised as a global leader for Flashbutt welding solutions, we are an Original Equipment Manufacturer with over 50 years’ experience in the design, manufacture, operation, maintenance, and technical innovation of Flashbutt welders. Our welding equipment can be found in 36 countries, we also operate our own fleet of 200+ Flashbutt welders across North America and Australia.



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