Repair Welding

Repair Welding

Rail defects and bolted joints at plug rails or insulated joints are locations that require removal to create a track structure that requires less maintenance and is less stressful on rolling stock. The necessity of track surfacing is reduced.

Flash-butt welds made by a Holland MobileWelder® at affected locations during defect removal are quick, effective, and frequently eliminate the need for installation of additional rail. Our proven low consumption welding technology in conjunction with our Puller-Lite eliminates the defects in the rail and joints, while increasing productivity and reducing labor. This established welding process ensures a high-quality, lasting repair.

Short Plug Repair Welding

Holland’s short plug flash-butt welding provides railways with a higher quality and more cost-effective defect remediation and repair. Traditionally, repair welding gangs rely on a 20’-40’ plug with three pieces of equipment as well as six to eight railroad employees and two Holland employees.

With our short plug flash-butt repair welding gang, 5’ plugs are used with two pieces of equipment and a total of four (railroad and Holland) employees.


The benefits of short plug flash-butt welding:
  • A single four-man crew can match the efficiency of three thermite crews
  • Superior joint strength and durability compared to thermite
  • Typical repair takes between 60-75 minutes
  • Using 5’ plugs out of a 40’ or 20’ rail, there is no scrap
  • A small gang is more nimble than a large repair gang

Along with these benefits, Holland’s flash-butt welding services include our Intelliweld® Control System which provides superior control over the flash-butt welding process.

Learn more about the benefits of Holland Flash-Butt Welding versus Thermite Welding.

Joint Elimination

With over 20 years of experience, Holland has the knowledge and workforce to help you with your next Crop and Weld service. Also know as Cut and Slide, the conversion of bolted rail to Continuous Welded Rail (CWR) by the removal of joints in-track is a cost-effective method of reducing overall maintenance costs in the long-term. 

We've turned thousands of miles of jointed rail into CWR to help our customers save in maintenance costs. When cutting out the sections of rail with bolt holes, sliding the remaining rail ahead, and making flash-butt welds at the resulting joints, the finished rail becomes CWR for approximately 2/3 the cost of installing new CWR. The combination of our Mobile Welding and Turnkey Construction teams provides you the safest and most productive partner in the industry with an average of 40-80 welds a day.

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