Rail Trains


Holland's Engineering and Manufacturing Group is skilled and experienced in manufacturing rail trains. With over ten years of experience, our designs can be applied to new, used, re-purposed, customer supplied and re-manufactured rail cars. They are designed to meet "B" or "C" railroad maintenance of way work envelope and RUM compatible. In conjunction with our fixed rail plants, Holland’s bi-directional rail trains are the perfect addition to provide continuous welded rail to your desired location.

We have multiple equipment offerings available that are capable of loading and unloading rail strings 90-141 pounds and up to 1600 ft. in length. These cars can be designed to hold up to 60 pockets and 6 tiers.

Our rail cars are designed to have AAR / OSHA-approved safety grab handles and safety steps as well as expanded metal or diamond plate decking surfaces.

See our car offerings below:

Roller Rack Car
  • With or without flanged rollers
  • Typical application is two roller racks per car equally spaced, determined by the length of the rail cars
Tunnel Car
  • Tunnel application requires two end (Pan or Tunnel) cars per rail train
  • End (Pan or Tunnel) cars are located on each end of the rail train
  • Collapsible safety railing systems
  • Available with dual hydraulic or manual mechanical ramp assemblies (one set on each Tunnel / Pan car)
  • Available with or without blast doors
Tie Down Cars
  • Typical application requires one Tie Down car per rail train
  • Two Tie rack system equally spaced is also offered
  • Tie Down assembly is located in the middle of the train
  • Overhead safety cat walks with railing system
  • Collapsible safety railing systems
Unloading Units
  • We offer two lengths of rail cars to meet your needs in 50' 64' to 90' car lengths
  • Most commonly used application is two car unloading units consisting of two 64' long rail cars
  • Learn more about our unloader designs and applications here.

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