Holland is proud to announce its latest railway innovation: The Sparkless Carbide Saw. Railways all over the world will now be able to increase their efficiency safely with the ability to destress rail while cutting spark free.

Holland’s Director of New Product Development, Paul Lindemulder, described the multiple safety and risk management improvements to field operations saying, “Using carbide tipped steel blades, rotating at low RPMs, provides spark and dust free cutting of rail. Spark free cutting reduces the risk of fires started on the job that can result in significant loss. Dust and fumes are eliminated compared to abrasive saw cutting that can be a breathing hazard.” These features make the saw ideal for bridge and tunnel work, as well as work in high fire risk areas.

Lindemulder goes on to describe another safety advantage, saying “If the saw is in the event the blade is pinched by the rail, the steel blade along with the control system, will automatically retract the blade, eliminating the physical injury risk of an exploding abrasive blade.”

The Sparkless Carbide Saw is the perfect complement to Holland’s industry leading fleet of MobileWelders™, as it provides a square cut every time improving weld efficiency and performance. It also features a destressing function which is capable of destressing the rail up to 49 tons while cutting the simultaneously. The carbide blade has demonstrated over 200 cuts per blade reducing cost per cut and reducing blade change over frequency for additional efficiency improvements.