Congratulations to Kevin Cantrell on 15 Years at Holland!

Congratulations to Kevin Cantrell on 15 Years at Holland!

September 20, 2021

To celebrate some of our Holland family’s tremendous milestones with the company, we asked for their story of how they’ve moved throughout the company over the years. To kick off this series of stories, please congratulate Kevin Cantrell for 15 years with Holland and read his story below.

“Wow 15 years! I started my Career with Holland on the M Bar D side in Locomotive Servicing. Within a few months, I moved into the Operations Manager position of the Chicagoland area. In this time, my biggest joy and privilege was my crew. The most diverse crew at Holland. Seeing all these people from vastly different backgrounds coming tougher and truly learning to become a family.Seeing the power of overcoming the differences and uniting as one. Being in a position to help others succeed and grow is such an honor.After my daughter was born, I transferred to HoTT and I’m still currently working with this team. I travel all over the USA, Canada and Mexico doing product evaluation and training. Still my biggest joy is the people. Not my crew now but our customers. Working every day to provide them a product they can depend on.

While here I’ve received two Holland All-Star awards and lead two teams in winning team awards. These recognitions remind me on a daily bases to continue to exceed my expectations. It also reminds me to work hard, to do the job right, when I fail to see the lesson to try harder, and to encourage those around me to push themselves as well. To also knowing that I’m only as good as the team around me! After 15 years my biggest joy is my Holland family.

Be safe and think of others.

Thank you”

– Kevin Cantrell

Thank you Kevin for your years of dedication to Holland! We’re so appreciative of the impact you’ve made.