Congratulations to Lori Mason for reaching 15 Years with Holland!

Congratulations to Lori Mason for reaching 15 Years with Holland!

October 28, 2021

To celebrate some of our Holland family’s tremendous milestones with the company, we asked for their story of how they’ve moved throughout the company over the years.

Below is Lori’s story. Please congratulate Lori Mason for her 15 years with Holland! What an accomplishment!

“Looking back at the past 15 years at Holland brings fond memories of people, experiences, and the progress made by great teams that I have been blessed to work with. Joining Holland in 2006 as the 7th employee of the “IT Department,” I was assigned to develop Holland’s first mobile reporting application for the Welding Division (MOD). Because this was before smartphone technology, I created an application on a non-destructible handheld computer, which we called the “Brick.” And for sentimental reasons, it is still on my desk today.

Not long after the launch of the Brick, I was involved in implementing advanced communication networks, including cellular and satellite capabilities for mobile welder trucks. Supporting these systems took me to many places outside of Crete. One of the places that stands out to me was a roller line in downtown Toronto, Canada. Something about sparks flying from a welderhead and creating a quarter-mile long rail in a metro area really fascinated me! I enjoyed working directly with the crews to build a solid system. Early experiences like this assured me that I had landed at the right place, at the right time.

Lori with Brick

Lori with “Brick” Handheld

Over the next several years, as Holland continued to grow, our teams expanded to support the need for more mobile welders and more applications. Today, the MOD production app is available on the iOS platform (iPhone/iPod/iPad), and the “Brick” has been retired.

My roles and responsibilities have grown along with Holland during this time. I lead an awesome team of very talented people that build, support, and maintain the apps and systems of Holland. I am grateful for my journey at Holland and for having the opportunity to have worked with so many amazing people. I look forward to what the future will bring!”

Congratulations, Lori!