Congratulations to Tyler Malkuch for reaching 10 years with Holland!

Congratulations to Tyler Malkuch for reaching 10 years with Holland!

October 8, 2021

To celebrate some of our Holland family’s tremendous milestones with the company, we asked for their story of how they’ve moved throughout the company over the years.

Below is Tyler’s story. Please congratulate Tyler Malkuch for his 10 years with Holland! What an accomplishment!

“During these last 10 years working for Holland, I have been able to travel over large parts of the US to see the tucked away hidden sights that this great country offers. Those that for the most part only take the time to see once they have retired. I have been blessed to see these areas while performing my job.

Most importantly, what these last 10 years have taught me was that leadership is a journey and not an end goal. Mistakes have been made, lessons learned, each building upon the last to create an image of what real Servant Leadership means.

Without my time with Holland, I doubt I would have ever learned or appreciated the lessons that the diligence of responsibility would impact in my life.  For those that know me, it has been a pleasure getting to know and work with you. To those I have not been lucky enough to meet yet, I look forward to working with you in the next 10 years”.

– Tyler Malkuch

Tyler and Jenny Malkuch pictured below:

Tyler and Jenny Malkuch


Photo taken by Tyler Malkuch below:

Tyler Malkuch