Holland Intelliweld Arrives in Australia

Holland Intelliweld Arrives in Australia

April 2, 2020

History in the making! Holland Lp has delivered, for the first time, its state-of-the-art Intelliweld Flash-Butt Welding Control System and supporting equipment to the Australian market. With the tireless effort of our engineers and technical staff as well as the help of our friends and partners at Aries Rail, our latest technology will be tested and showcased in Perth, Western Australia.

The Intelliweld Flash-Butt welding control system is new to the market, with over 250,000,000 welds per year and a 98% up time. Equipped with low consumption weld capability, real-time weld monitoring and real time automated data collection, the Intelliweld is the latest and greatest in welding technology. Holland is offering full-service Flash Butt Welding operational management and support to Australia, with best-in-class Flash Butt Welding experts set to train the Australian workforce.

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The Holland team has just touched down in Australia and is ready to unpack the system, set it up and get it to work. It is definitely something to see and will soon be showcased at Aries Rail. Stay tuned as we also showcase our teams of experts in engineering, equipment building, weld technology and operational excellence that have allowed us to successfully deliver millions and millions of flash butt welds over Holland’s 85-year history.