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Argus® Track Measurement Technology

As your track conditions change, so can the ways you choose to inspect them. Using Holland’s proprietary Argus® track measurement technology, we offer multiple applications to test your track condition.

Argus provides great flexibility to deploy units under dedicated track inspection cars and other rail-bound platforms. Its modular design enables operators to replace environmentally sealed rail sensors and system units in the field easily, if needed, maximizing uptime.

Argus measures track geometry and rail according to FRA 49 CFR 213 Track Safety Standards and Transport Canada TP 11373E. Custom track geometry channels and defect configurations can be provided.

At the core of Holland’s success is a team of engineers that takes our own 25+ years of geometry testing expertise to drive simple, quality, and multi-functional products that can enhance and complement any existing test program or provide a complete testing program for evaluating your infrastructure. Our technical services team provides 24-hour support and quick turnaround for critical system components. Holland also offers an annual recertification program for all Argus products to keep your solutions updated with the latest software, firmware and hardware.

Learn more about our contract testing services, portable inspection technology, or unattended geometry measurement systems.


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